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2011 Volkswagran CrossTouran - Price List for the European Market

2011 Volkswagran CrossTouran
VW has unveiled the new generation model and also announced the 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran price list for the European market. The new 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran follows on the same lines as the new CrossPolo and CrossGolf and features the same general design elements which make the new face of the brand.

The new 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran comes equipped with a "bad road kit" that includes longer suspension springs that offer a 20 mm higher clearance, 215 tires at the front and 235 at the rear, and 17-inch alloy wheels. The 2011 Volkswagen Cross Touran also features wider wheel arches, new side sills, and new front and rear bumpers. For better protection, the 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran also features black grained protective strips on the doors.

The equipment list of the new 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran also includes a matt aluminum roof rack, stainless steel styling accents, front and rear electric windows and new seats. For better comfort on bumpy roads, the 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran offers height adjustment and lumbar support for the front seats.
The engine line-up available on the 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran includes TSI, TDI and natural gas engines with power outputs from 77 kW to 125 kW (105 to 170 PS).

The 2011 Volkswagen CrossTouran price list starts at 27,700 EUR and the new model goes on sale tomorrow.[Via]

2011 Volkswagran CrossTouran Photos :

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Volkswagen Press Release:
It’s the positive lifestyle statement of the summer: the new CrossTouran! Following the CrossPolo and CrossGolf launched earlier in the year, the CrossTouran now fills the gap in the Cross lifestyle family. Volkswagen’s ‘more extrovert’ compact MPV is now available to order from a starting price of €27,700.

The Touran already follows the new Volkswagen design DNA and impresses externally with a dynamic character line, a new, powerful rear-end design and two-part taillight clusters. However, the CrossTouran traditionally ‘goes one better’ and with its modified bad road kit complete with longer suspension springs it gets 20 millimeters more ground clearance than the standard model.

On top of that comes the mix of 215 tiers at the front and 235s at the back, both on 17-inch alloy wheels. Thanks to its striking exterior elements the new CrossTouran is also instantly perceived as an autonomous model. The widened wheel arches form a unit with the side sills, which are drawn right up into the doors. It is also given a sporty character by the differentiated front and rear bumpers and the black grained protective strips on the doors.

In addition to a specific design the autonomous ‘Cross’ brand also stands – like ‘GTI’ and ‘R’ – for a specially designed set of features. As well as the alloy wheels, bodywork kit and bad road suspension, the new CrossTouran boasts added features aplenty: a roof rack in matt aluminum, decorative trim in stainless steel look, electric windows front and rear, extra comfortable seats in the front with height adjustment and lumbar support, leather steering wheel plus leather trim on gearlever knob and handbrake and a special seat cover pattern.

Through the sum of its special features the CrossTouran glistens with Wolfsburg virtues: interior comfort and convenience (40 storage bins and optional third seating row), driving fun and environmental awareness. For instance, as well as with the familiar TSI and TDI engines the new CrossTouran is now also available with the particularly efficient and environmentally friendly ‘EcoFuel’ natural gas engine. Fuel consumption when driving on natural gas is 4.8 kilograms per 100 kilometres, which equates to CO2 emissions per kilometre of 133 grams. The additional natural gas tanks are located beneath the floor, so that the vehicle’s cargo capacity of up to 1,989 litres is not affected.

In total CrossTouran customers have a wide array of TSI, TDI and natural gas engines to choose from, ranging in power from 77 kW to 125 kW (105 to 170 PS). This lifestyle-oriented all-rounder – complete with all visual and technical refinements – can now be ordered in Germany from a starting price of €27,700.


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