Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2011 Dodge Journey

Chrysler has announced the new 2011 Dodge Journey its mid-size crossover with "right sized" proportions, five- or seven-passenger seating, innovative storage solutions, abundant safety and security features, all-wheel-drive capability and models packaged for a variety of lifestyles.

2011 Dodge Journey
2011 Dodge Journey

Monday, October 18, 2010

Crossover Saab 9-4x

Saab has just unveiled today the new Saab 94X, the company's new crossover. The model that will be premiering at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month is using the Theta Premium platform (owned by GM) is also used by the Cadillac SRX and designed entirely in Detroit.

Saab 94x
Saab 94x

Spartan V Limited Edition Powered by Ducati 1198S Engine

Spartan V is Limited Edition Cars powered by Ducati 1198S engine that generates 170hp. Spartan V Limited Edition Engine is mated to six speed sequential gearbox. With its lightweight construction, Spartan gets a sprint from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds, with its top speed locked at 280km/h.That's faster than most Ferraris.
Spartan V Limited Edition
Spartan V Limited Edition

Friday, October 15, 2010

2011 Ford Explorer - Luxurious, Andventurous and Urban, all on display at SEMA

The all-new Ford Explorer is bringing its reinvented style to this year's SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, which will be held Nov. 2-5 in Las Vegas. The 2011 Ford Explorer is just one of the vehicles receiving the tuner treatment, but it's getting a lot of attention. Ford has supplied three of them to different companies, to create three different styles: Urban, Luxury and Adventure.

The custom shops that modified the three 2011 Ford Explorer SUVs for the 2010 SEMA show include: CGS Motorsports, Funkmaster Flex, and Galpin Auto Sports.Other vehicles wearing a Blue Oval at SEMA include: 2011 Lincoln MKX by ID Agency, 2011 Ford Taurus SHO by Rick Bottom Designs, 2011 Ford Taurus SHO by H&R Springs, 2011 Ford Edge by K-Daddy Kustomz and 2011 Ford Fusion Sport by Steeda Autosports

Ford Press Release:

The all-new Ford Explorer has been turning heads with its eye-catching, modern design, and things will be no different when it hits the floor of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show this year, which will be held Nov. 2-5 in Las Vegas.

"It's so new and reinvented, and the styling is standout from the inside out," said Craig Patterson, Ford Explorer marketing manager. "Explorer is the perfect choice for people to accessorize. Those who want to customize it are starting from a great base that is extremely well received, and that's where the attraction lies."

For the 2010 SEMA show, Explorer will take to the Ford stand along with customized versions of Ford Taurus SHO, Edge and Fusion Sport, as well as the all-new Lincoln MKX. The Explorers on the show floor will open up customers' minds as to the possibilities that can be created with the all-new SUV.

"We designed three different images for the Explorers at SEMA," said Melvin Betancourt, Ford specialty design manager. "The new Explorer resonates as a modern SUV, so the modifications play off all the great technology and features that the vehicle is equipped with."

An Explorer customized by Funkmaster Flex and Team Baurtwell shows off the urban appeal of the new SUV, and comes standard with street cred inside and out. The look is highlighted by three-piece forged billet wheels, which are complemented by 24-inch Cooper tires. Baer brakes provide the stopping power.

The design that sets this Explorer apart starts with the exterior, with custom touches from Team Baurtwell and Funkmaster Flex including custom logos. The interior offers Katzkin two-tone leather seats with custom interior accents and Funkmaster Flex logos. A Sony Xplod audio system ensures customers have the ultimate listening experience.

Another Explorer concept, designed by Galpin Auto Sports, takes a vehicle with luxury appointments and makes it into an ultra-luxurious ride that even James Bond would enjoy. Using the character as their inspiration, the Galpin team used 24-inch wheels, custom silver paint on the exterior and modified exterior light treatments to convey that image.

The custom interior shows off its luxury side with a leather-trimmed headliner that has suede running down the center, a look that's replicated on the seat inserts. An iPad pops up from the second-row console, and is viewable in either landscape or portrait mode.

"This is a luxury, high-end vehicle that serves multiple purposes," said Tedros Mengiste of Galpin Auto Sports. "The Galpin Auto Sports Explorer is at home going off-road or transporting you to exclusive events. It meets your discerning expectations, and does it with style and substance."

CGS Performance Products' take on Explorer shows off what a luxury vehicle for an active customer looks like. The look runs throughout the monochromatic silver Explorer, and is completed by two carbon fiber mountain bikes on the roof rack.

"This SUV is all about outdoor adventure and doing it in comfort," said Casey Scranton, president, CGS Performance Products. "This customer can use the vehicle every day and will have no problem taking it camping or kayaking on the weekends."

The luxury details are evident in the built-in video screens in the headrests, 22-inch silver wheels and the complete custom leather interior that's designed to resemble the links on a watch band. A CGS cat-back exhaust provides more power, a throatier sound, and even improved fuel economy.

2011 Ford Explorer For SEMA :

SEMA 2011 Ford Explorer 1SEMA 2011 Ford Explorer 2SEMA 2011 Ford Explorer 3SEMA 2011 Ford Explorer 4

Google's self-driving Toyota Prius | Test Video

Google's self-driving Toyota Prius
Google's self-driving Toyota Prius
We arrived with hot news about self-driving Toyota Prius which was developed by Google. after this article you can enjoy an awesome video Google's self-driving Toyota Prius. You see one of Google's first video testing the technology on the road again in 2010.

Google has demonstrated its software technology crazy rise, showing a Toyota Prius car, the team at ABC News. Earlier this week, ABC News had the opportunity to ride in self-driving car technology company, riding shotgun on a computer-driven Toyota Prius.

The engineers from Google explaining that the Prius uses a series of cameras and roof-mounted, rotating laser to see what was happening around him. The result is a vehicle that just might be safer than one with the man behind the wheel. The main purpose of the system is not to completely remove the driver from the equation, the system is pitched as more of a "super-cruise control" of the auto-pilot system is full. The theory is that it will be useful for traffic jams that filled to and from work, and may be a good solution for eliminating or reducing impaired-driving.
Google's self-driving Toyota Prius | Test Video:

Google Automated Prius at Google Campus - March 2010 from Van Tucker on Vimeo.