Friday, October 15, 2010

Google's self-driving Toyota Prius | Test Video

Google's self-driving Toyota Prius
Google's self-driving Toyota Prius
We arrived with hot news about self-driving Toyota Prius which was developed by Google. after this article you can enjoy an awesome video Google's self-driving Toyota Prius. You see one of Google's first video testing the technology on the road again in 2010.

Google has demonstrated its software technology crazy rise, showing a Toyota Prius car, the team at ABC News. Earlier this week, ABC News had the opportunity to ride in self-driving car technology company, riding shotgun on a computer-driven Toyota Prius.

The engineers from Google explaining that the Prius uses a series of cameras and roof-mounted, rotating laser to see what was happening around him. The result is a vehicle that just might be safer than one with the man behind the wheel. The main purpose of the system is not to completely remove the driver from the equation, the system is pitched as more of a "super-cruise control" of the auto-pilot system is full. The theory is that it will be useful for traffic jams that filled to and from work, and may be a good solution for eliminating or reducing impaired-driving.
Google's self-driving Toyota Prius | Test Video:

Google Automated Prius at Google Campus - March 2010 from Van Tucker on Vimeo.


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