Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geneco - Volkswagen "beetle" Bio-Bug Powered Human Waste

Geneco - Volkswagen "beetle"
Geneco, a British company specialized in recycling solutions changed the Volkswagen "beetle" Bio-Bug is the first car in the UK, the initiative in a mixture of gases and human waste, making it a practical alternative to electric vehicles. Apparently cars, energy efficiency has only output (for lack of a better word) of the toilets of just 70 apartments to power, 10,000 miles.

The Volkswagen Beetle is not powered by actual human waste, but by the gas it produces at the Bristol sewage treatment works in Avonmouth. the gas is gather and specially treated, after it's put to work in the Bio-Bug. Geneco says their new fuel does not affect the performance of the
Volkswagen Beetle, however, we tend to doubt that.

Mohammed Saddiq, Geneco’s general manager, considers that the methane generated from sewage sludge can be an effective way of powering company vehicles.

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