Saturday, August 7, 2010

HMC Hidalgo Based on Mercedes SLK55 AMG

The HMC Hidalgo is being developed by the Swiss manufacturer Swiss Motor Company based on the Mercedes SLK55 AMG. A small team of engineers, but delivery of the Mercedes SLK55 AMG a new skin and make it more exclusive HMC Hill was built. The new model is designed for personalized attention, even if it does, but it meant going too fast, too fast.

Pricing starts at EUR 310 000 HMC Hidalgo company6 a surprising and said to be based only six of them each year. The HMC Hildago is V8 engine that develops 360 horsepower and comes with a new chassis. The aim of Hidalgo HMC offers maximum driving pleasure, and this requires
a sleep state of the art.

Although HMC Hidalgo looks great and it is possible that, in connection with the fact that they hold very exclusive, we can not really see why would anyone pay so much money on a car 360 horsepower.

HMC Hidalgo Photos :
 HMC Hidalgo

HMC Hidalgo Pictures
 HMC Hidalgo  Pictures


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